Tiffany the Human: Why does my dog eat so fast?


Dear Paws to Talk,

I was hoping you could answer my question. Every time we feed my dog Tonto, he gobbles up all his food in about 10 seconds. When people see him eat, they get concerned that we don’t feed him enough because he eats so fast! We feed him just the right amount, so we don’t want to seem like bad doggie parents. He also burps as loud as a human when he eats this fast.

Do you know why he eats so fast? What tips can you give us to help him eat a little slower, if any?

-Tiffany the Human

Howl Tiffany,

Thanks for your question. For starters, we don’t have medical degrees or a canine behavior show on the bright thing, so these are just our thoughts.

Since we take our time to savor the kibble in our dish, we had to consult some fast-eaters on the topic. We spoke to our English Bulldog nephews, Matty and Ralphie who both eat their kibble in 10 seconds or less.  They have always done this and told us it is the “Bulldog way.” Even if they aren’t feeling well, the second the dish hits the floor they feast.

We think some dogs just eat quickly. It doesn’t mean that they are starving. So, you are right to feed Tonto the exact amount that is recommended.

Also, we surfed the web and saw that there are some products like toys and bowls on the market to get dogs to eat slower. Maybe you could try one of them?

It might be a good idea to give Tonto part of his meal, take a break and then give him the rest of it. We worry about him getting heartburn.

In our opinion, this is just a characteristic of Tonto. Be aware of it and accept it. You are a good doggie parent because you are concerned about this habit. Of course, it never hurts to speak with a professional. Until then, watch out for the Tonto Kibble Express. Good luck.


Bella and DiDi
















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20 thoughts on “Tiffany the Human: Why does my dog eat so fast?

  1. Tiffany, dogs are evolved from wolves, who eat as much as they can, whenever they can. If they don’t gobble their food quickly, other animals might take it. Although most dogs know that they have regular meals and know there’s no threat lurking some still take after their wild ancestors.

  2. Great advice as always guys!! 🙂

    I’m probably a medium speed eater, but I’ve had a slow feeder eating bowl since I was a puppy as Mum was worried I might be a fast eater…..

    That’s because one of her Goldens that she used to have was a fast eater and I mean really fast, probably like Tonto, she says he used to just inhale his kibble, so she got him bigger kibble that he needed to chew, a smaller bowl and also used to feed him in 2 sittings, that was before she discovered the slow feeder bowl…. The funny thing was though, that she had 2 Goldens and the other one thought George was getting more food, so she had to feed them both 2 servings – they never realized they weren’t actually getting any extra food!! 🙂

    Good luck Tonto,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment Snoopy. Your mommy knows a lot about this topic. We should have asked her to be a guest-blogger 🙂 We’ll see if Tiffany uses the fancy bowl. We like the idea of two servings. Kind of like an appetizer and then an entree 🙂 Talk to you soon Snoopy.

      Bella and DiDi

    • Thanks for the comment Chuck and Collies. It is interesting. We are amazed every time we have dinner with Matty and Ralphie but the are both trim and healthy.

      Bella and DiDi

  3. Funny – we just blogged about this the other day. Some dogs eat so fast that they get really sick, that is just not good. Mommy does what you suggest and gives us a little at a time if we are going to fast. – Lulu and Sofie of DogDaz

  4. I must admit, I am guilty of this habit, too. It’s just that I love the food so much, and we dogs don’t really know or understand the art of savoring our food. Wolf it down, I say! It’s when we don’t, that I’d begin to worry.

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