Chloe the Bull Terrier: I lead a stressful life. How do I relax?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I lead a very busy life and can tend to get stressed out. With a house to patrol, 5 humans to take care of, many toys to keep track of and a boyfriend, I find it hard to relax. Can you give me some relaxation tips?

-Chloe the Bull Terrier

Howl Chloe,

Life can be very busy but you have to take moments to enjoy it. We have written below our favorite ways to relax. Hopefully, they inspire you.

Bella: When I need to relax, I go to my mommy and daddy’s room. I jump on the chaise lounge chair in the room, lie on my back and just let my paws dangle. This helps to release any stress I may have about the humans, DiDi and the fear that dinner could be sub-par tonight. While in my relaxation position, I also take deep breaths. I fill my furry rib cage and then release. The stress and anxiety leave me.

DiDi: I am a very laid-back dog so I don’t get stressed out that much. However, when strange humans mow my lawn, I feel tension building. I claw at the door while they are doing this to let them know I am supervising. It makes me feel a little better.

When I need to relax, I literally go inside this huge bush in the yard and hide. It gives me some important time away from Bella and the humans. Sometimes you just need solitude to put life in perspective. I love the feeling of the cool soil on my fur. While I am in the bush, I like to gnaw on the branches. I emerge from the bush a new girl.

You have to develop your own way to de-stress. Is there a place that makes you feel comfortable? Is there a hobby that allows you to feel calm? Try some things out.

Focus on what is important, like spending quality time with your humans and boyfriend. Defeat the stress monster.


Bella and DiDi
















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12 thoughts on “Chloe the Bull Terrier: I lead a stressful life. How do I relax?

  1. Chloe, perhaps you should look at things differently and redefine your understanding of relaxation. For me, patrolling the house and yard and looking after the tall person and De and the little person is relaxing. I have recently been joined by my kitten Barnaby. Having a friend with me is also relaxing. Remember, relaxation is a state of mind.

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