Leo the Puppy: Am I old enough to stay home alone?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a puppy. My humans have been at home all day every day since they got me a couple of weeks ago. We have had some good bonding time. Also, I think they stayed home to break my habit of going to the bathroom in the house. After many accidents, I have learned to bark when I need to do my business. Once the bark sounds, my humans hurry and take me outside to do my thing.

However, today they left the house and I have been alone for a while. What am I going to do if I have to go? No one is around to hear my bark. I don’t want to mess the small corner my humans put me in when they left. Am I old enough to be left alone?

-Leo the Puppy

Howl Leo,

Don’t panic. Your humans have probably gone back to their jobs (We all have jobs but you will learn about that later). The humans left you alone today because they know you can hold it until they come back. You are old enough to be home alone.

Thinking about having an accident is the worst thing you can do. If you think you will mess your area then you will. Instead play with your toys, drink when you are thirsty and eat when you are hungry. The day will pass before you know it.

We know you are scared because your humans are gone but take this time to enjoy your freedom. Keep in mind that soon you won’t be kept in a little area but you will have free reign of the whole house. It will be yours.

Humans can be unwise sometimes but it doesn’t sound like yours would leave you alone so long that you had no choice but to have an accident. If our hunch is wrong and they are doing that, write back immediately. We will make another plan which will most likely involve your neighborhood canine patrol unit. For now, hang in there. You can do it.


Bella and DiDi
















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10 thoughts on “Leo the Puppy: Am I old enough to stay home alone?

  1. Maybe the crate is his safe place where he can do his business and no one will mind cause he won’t mess anything up. Surely they know he is just a cute pup who might not have control of himself yet. Hope it works out little puppy.

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