Nala the Havanese: Children scare me. How do I deal with them?

                                                              Nala courtesy of Nala’s Dog Days



Dear Paws to Talk,

I am scared of children. They scream and run and wobble – they just basically do not know how to behave! I try my best to scare them off by barking if they come anywhere close to me. Sometimes I feel that isn’t enough and that I should lunge at them.  Don’t these kids have any manners?!

They can’t just go around expecting to pet me, after all they have to earn my trust first. Who knows what intentions they might have? I realized one day that my mommy and daddy might want to have children of their own. How do I then cope with having such a scary thing in the house?

-Nala the Havanese

Howl Nala,

For starters, put your face in the water dish and calm down. Let the cool water relax you.

Children can be tricky. Whenever one visits us we always need a long nap afterwards to recover (Bella: DiDi gets so tired she usually drools during her nap). It is a lot of work to get them to act properly.

While children can be loud, messy and like to pull fur, you don’t have to be scared. Although you have every right to feel annoyed. Children don’t morph into monsters (usually).

We don’t think lunging toward children will get them to act in a more civilized manner. You are giving them too much power. Kids don’t always realize what they are doing. When we were pups, we would cry and have barkdowns when hungry or sleepy. Remember that? Children do the same thing. When you see a child think of a puppy.

Now that you know what to expect when children are present, try not to get irritated. Just be ready for loud noises and wobbley walking. Be brave and let them pet you. We think you can bring great joy to any child that you encounter.

If your humans have a child, he or she will look up to you because you are the older sibling. There will be no time for fear. Instead, you will have to make sure he or she is being raised properly.

If you feel yourself losing it then go into the living room and watch some Animal Planet for a little while.

We think you can conquer your fear and learn to enjoy children. Good luck!


Bella and DiDi

















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24 thoughts on “Nala the Havanese: Children scare me. How do I deal with them?

  1. Thanks for the advice. All of our people are adults, but when I (Lucy) see children on walks, they scare me and my people don’t know my history because they rescued me when I was already adult. Apollo tends to be too protective of the human that walks us and nudges/nips small people. He scared a child’s father so our human was told he can’t walk Apollo there anymore.

  2. Oh poor Nala,

    Sounds like you’re having it tough buddy…..

    Trust me though, it can be good to play with Children too (I agree they can have their moments…) 🙂 – I have a little friend named Charlotte who comes to visit and she’s really cool – we play with my toys together and then I herd her around the house, I also teach her things like tapping on the window when you want to go outside….

    I hope you’re able to take onboard Bella and DiDi’s words of wisdom (they’re very wise!) and share the joy of children…..

    Wags to you

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  3. I agree with you Bella and DiDi, children are like puppies. Nala needs to support the tall people by helping to train the little ones. This requires a lot of patience but it is worth it! 🙂

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