Bella and DiDi the Standard Poodles: We’re balls of sunshine.


We are so excited to receive the Sunshine Award. Thank you to Airports Made Simple which is a wonderful blog with endless tips, stories and news on airplane travel for bestowing is with this award. Our mommy always says we are balls of sunshine. I guess she is right.

Per the requirements of the award, see below other fabulous blogs (go check out their sites) we are nominating for this award and some fun facts about us.

Nominations (In no particular order):

WhatIMeant2Say: As opposed to what actually came out of my mouth…

Nala’s Dog Days: Just another day in the life of Nala.

The Ralphie Chronicles: Adventures of Ralphie the Schnoodle

Nero’s Post and Patch: Quilting, patchwork, sewing, knitting, crochet, felting… dogs and a cat around… in Cretan home!

Cats & Co: Everything YOU need to know about cats.

jmgoyder: wings and things

Just Ramblin’: Living the chaotic life…family, Newf and Chessie included

bongodogblog: The Life of Bongo

rumpydog: I’m a dog with a unique perspective on human life

Collies of the Meadow: The Lives of Our Beloved Collies

Fun Facts About Us:

Favorite Color

Bella: Red

DiDi: Green

Favorite Animal

Bella: Dog

DiDi: Baby

Favorite Number

Bella: 1

DiDi: 2

Favorite Drink: 

Bella and DiDi: Water

Facebook or Twitter:  No comment. We’re just learning how to be social in media.


Bella: Playing fetch

DiDi: Digging holes

Getting/Giving Presents

Bella and DiDi: We think we are presents and we give everyday. So we’ll pick getting presents.

Favorite Pattern:

Bella: Houndstooth

DiDi: Camouflage. This helps me hide in the bushes in my yard.

Favorite Day of the Week:

Bella and DiDi: Any day where we eat kibble and get to play. Actually, that is everyday.

Favorite Flower:

Bella: Red Roses

DiDi: Whichever flowers are blooming in my yard.


Bella and DiDi
















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17 thoughts on “Bella and DiDi the Standard Poodles: We’re balls of sunshine.

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  2. Congratulations and thank you for passing this award to us! We do our best to send lots of sunshine to our friends! We are lucky to have so much sunshine here in Crete!
    Nero & Teje

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