Bella and DiDi the Standard Poodles: Are we collectors or hoarders?


Today we are posing an open question on one of our habits. We think our question will also resonate with others (we hope). One of the things we like to do is collect dog figurines and trinkets. When we go on a trip or are out browsing, if we like a piece we see then we purchase it (the humans actually buy it for us but we pay them back in treats later). Throughout the years we have developed quite a collection (FYI-The pictures in this post  only show a sampling of our collection). The humans have even designated a shelf for our pieces so we can admire them while lounging in the living room.

Last night, we were on the couch looking at our shelf full of trinkets and wondered if we had crossed the line?

We like to consider ourselves collectors but maybe we have becomes dog trinket hoarders?

When do you cross the line from collector to hoarder? Do we have to be sleeping in beds filled with dog figurines for it to be a sign we have gone too far? Or is it normal to have a vast collection of things you like?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Bella and DiDi
















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21 thoughts on “Bella and DiDi the Standard Poodles: Are we collectors or hoarders?

  1. Oh I love these 😀 In my humble opinion … when – and only when – you can’t find the bed … that’s when you’ve crossed the line 😉

    • Thanks Ann! We’re glad you like our collection 🙂 It is special to us but has gotten a little large. It is nowhere near our kibble or bed so I think we learned today we are not hoarders. Thanks for stopping by our site. We like making new friends.

      Bella and DiDi

  2. It appears to me you have a beautiful collections. I am not a head doctor and you just may have to many of the things you love, but hoarding is a disease that is very hard to control and takes over peoples lives. Maybe it is time for a yard sale though, if you are starting to feel cramped. – DogDaz

  3. Unless you name all your collectibles and talk to them constantly and take them out for walks on a leash (quite difficult, I’d say), I think you are still on the collector side. And nice items, too! 🙂

  4. Don’t worry ladies – you are not doggie hoarders, you are still just collectors. Hoarding is a compulsion which takes over your lives. Hoarders fill their homes with things they can’t or wont ever use, but feel like they cannot live without. These things take over their lives and affect their relationships. Getting rid of these things is out of the question for them.

    I have a good friend whose mother is a hoarder. Every room in her house is packed with stuff. She complains when her kids come to visit because she has to clear her stuff out of the guest room for them. As a result, her kids rarely visit anymore.

    Your collection is nicely displayed on shelves and well-cared for. You do not need to worry.

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