Elle the Mixed Breed: What are my duties when a guest is staying in my house?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My humans have a friend coming to stay at our house for a week. Since I have been living with them, we haven’t had any guests stay overnight. Now I will have an extra human to look after and I am feeling overwhelmed. What are my duties when a guest comes to my home?

-Elle the Mixed Breed

Howl Elle,

Our humans are always having guests stay at our house. It ranges from baby humans to elderly humans. Sometimes we wonder if we are living in a hotel. We think our humans are just very social.

It is important to make the guest feel welcome but you don’t have to keep track of he or she like you would one of your humans. We monitor our humans very closely because they have the treats, kibble and car keys to take us fun places.

When the guest arrives at your house, be sure to wag your tail to say hello. It might be a nice touch to drop a toy at their feet. Maybe they will take you outside for some play? You’re human will show them where they will be sleeping (we hope none of your couches are turned into visitor beds). Be present to make sure the guest likes their accommodations. It is important to make sure they are comfortable.

Also, give your guest a bit of space. Don’t pester them to play or go on long walks all day. A guest is entitled to have their own plans.

Lastly, there is a nice gesture you can do to ensure the guest will feel special in your home. Save one of your treats and put it on the pillow which rests on their bed. Be sure to do this while they are not in their guest quarters. They will be so surprised and happy when they see a treat on the pillow. This is a five-star touch.

If you are kind and respectful you’ll make a great host and will have many return visitors.


Bella and DiDi
















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12 thoughts on “Elle the Mixed Breed: What are my duties when a guest is staying in my house?

  1. Miss Maple sure can learn a lot from this article. She’s not exactly the most gracious hostess, although she would probably beg to differ. Maple thinks it’s perfectly fine to welcome guests with a song-and-dance that involves a lot of hysterical barking and jumping!

    • We hope Miss Maple learns that guests in the house are nothing to be afraid of. She is quite a charmer and should put this to good use πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting!
      Bella and DiDi

  2. We had our first overnight guest last night and Nala was being a very good hostess in the evening, but apparently she doesn’t have the claimed 10-year memory, as she was completely thrown off balance by this intruder in the house in the morning πŸ˜€ Nala really should listen to Bella and DiDi’s advice!

    • It sounds like Nala did a great job. Sometimes it can require some a little while to adjust to a guest in the house. Thanks for commenting! Say hi to Nala for us! πŸ™‚
      Bella and DiDi

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