Marge the Greyhound: I lost my favorite thing! How do I find it?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am in a panic! Not too long ago, my humans casually gave me a large plastic bottle without the cap to chew on. I was sick of the plush toys they had bought me so it was nice to sink my teeth into something with more substance. I chewed on the bottle many hours a day. I even slept with it in my mouth.

I woke up this morning and it was nowhere to be found. It wasn’t in my mouth which is the last place I left it. I sprung up from my bed and looked around the house. It is lost! How do I find it?

-Marge the Greyhound

Howl Marge,

We are so sorry that your favorite toy is missing. That is so frustrating! Sometimes, we worry that our most precious toys have been lost but then after some detective work we discover that our mommy put them back into our toy basket. Many times, we have collapsed with relief next to that toy basket.

Have you checked your toy basket? Humans seem to love putting our toys away. We don’t know why. How can you not light up with happiness at the sight of toys sprawled out all over the floor? Make sure to comb through that entire toy basket. You never know what is lurking on the bottom.

If you don’t find it in the toy basket then it is time to sit down and do some serious thinking. Are you sure you fell asleep with the toy in your mouth? Where did you have it before you went to bed? Just calm down and think. You’ll be surprised what helpful thoughts may enter your mind when you let go of the panic.

If this doesn’t work then we suggest that you carry on with your daily activities. Even though the toy was special to you, it is just a thing.  There probably are plenty of other toys in the world (maybe even in your house) that you can sink your teeth into. Enjoy what you do have. You never know, just when you least expect it that plastic bottle might turn up.


Bella and DiDi
















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13 thoughts on “Marge the Greyhound: I lost my favorite thing! How do I find it?

  1. Helpful advice Bella and DiDi but I think Marge needs to come to terms with the possibility that the bottle has probably been thrown in the trash. I like chewing on plastic bottles but I never become emotionally attached to them because I know that the tall person will throw them away once they become too chewed.

  2. Humans don’t like tripping over toys incase they fall on their bums. They also think us dogs get bored with having the same toys out the whole time and only get some toys out each time.
    I presume that you two have favourite toys but then one day, you decide that another toy is great and play with that a lot. And when I get a new toy it’s the best thing ever. I like my holey roller, It has holes for biscuits. It makes biscuit time last longer and much more fun.

  3. Sorry Marge but possibly… gulp….. the humans- your owners I mean….. did a very mean thing and threw it away. Maybe it had gotten very dirty and they thought it was unhygenic- not clean enough for you to play with. Maybe it was just really worn out. Maybe you can find a new one.

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