Will the Corgi: My humans have become distracted. How do I get them to refocus?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I usually have good control over my humans. I lay on the floor and they rush over to pet me. They always put a little extra kibble in my bowl. I get big kisses when they walk in the door. This has changed lately and they seem pre-occupied. I don’t feel special. Do they still like me? What should I do to get them to notice me again?

P.S.- I miss my belly rubs.

-Will the Corgi

Howl Will,

Humans can become distracted. They go away each day to do their jobs and sometimes they forget how lucky they are to have us. Making a cute face or sitting like a beautiful statue isn’t always enough to snap them out of their human thoughts.

We’re the center of their universe but sometimes humans have to pay attention to other things in their lives. While this is happening, try to amuse yourself. Toss a ball or find a good bone to chew on.

You need to do something to get your humans focused on you again. I suggest becoming their alarm clock. Make sure you are up just as you start to see the sun and then jump on their bed.  Who cares if they weren’t ready to get up? Sometimes we all need a reminder about who and what is most important in life such as sweet kisses in the morning.

Make sure to do this many times a week. Your humans may be angry at first but soon they will like waking up to a wet snout. Who wouldn’t?











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17 thoughts on “Will the Corgi: My humans have become distracted. How do I get them to refocus?

    • This could be true. We love babies when they are dropping food all over the place. Will if this happens have no fear. We know a bulldog named Matty who has his baby all trained. He can give you plenty of pointers.

  1. Tee Hee – that sounds like great advice DiDi – Plus, if they get up earlier they will have more time for poor neglected Will – good luck my friend,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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