Juli the Human: Should I forgive my boyfriend?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My boyfriend has broken my heart. He was unfaithful to me and our relationship. When I knew something was off and confronted him, he told me I was crazy. Actually, I was right about what happened. I am so upset that he hurt me so badly.  What makes it worse is that I know the other woman in this scenario.

Of course, now that he has been caught, he is begging for my forgiveness. I love him very much but don’t know if I can get past this incident. Should I forgive him?

-Juli the Human

Howl Juli,

I have a lot of experience with boyfriends so I can help you with this very difficult situation. DiDi doesn’t date too much so it is hard for her to grasp how tough it can be.

First of all, animals and humans make mistakes. As much as someone may appear to have a perfectly groomed coat and adorable wet nose undoubtedly they have faults

However, someone who loves you doesn’t go out of their way to hurt you. That is the last thing they would want. You have to ask yourself honestly if your boyfriend really loves you? You’ll find an answer in your gut, right around the place where your kibble settles after a good meal.

The next thing to ponder is do you really love him after he did this to you? It can be comfortable to hold onto someone who you have history with even if they act like a scoundrel. Although it may hurt like getting a shot at the vet, I think you are better off leaving this situation.

Should you do this, it will take some time to adjust. You will be sad. It seems like the best thing for you since you have been so upset by your boyfriend’s actions. There will be a fresh start and a new stud in your future.

Once you have settled into your new situation without the cheating boyfriend, try to forgive him on some level. You never have to accept what he did. You certainly shouldn’t forget it but carrying around anger and sadness is not good for you. You need to find a way to forgive him for your own well-being. This also will take time.

I am so sorry you’re heart is broken. With each day that passes you will find that it start to become whole again. If this is not working then DiDi and I will come over with superglue and put the stray pieces back together. Hang in there!











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9 thoughts on “Juli the Human: Should I forgive my boyfriend?

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  2. What great heartwarming advice. I especially agree with the gut feeling, where the kibble sets (love that expression!!), as it usually tells you the truth, but not always the truth you want to hear. Dogs are the best therapy when facing a tough situation, adorable wet noses and all. Hang in there Juli and a big paws up for Bella for the advice.

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