Gwyn the Cocker Spaniel: I am foodie. Do I really have to eat this slop?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My name is Gwyn and I am a young Cocker Spaniel. I recently moved into my forever home and don’t like the kibble my humans serve. When I was with my litter, we used to eat chicken, rice and even sometimes fish. It was mostly raw but I didn’t mind. Sometimes, we even were fed homemade concoctions like sweet potato and vegetable mash. It was tasty. I developed a mature palate.

Now, when the dish hits the ground it is full of these hard pebble looking pieces of food. I dig in because my tummy is rumbling but it tastes awful. Sometimes, my humans put this stuff from a can on top of the pebbles. That tastes even worse.

I am grateful for the food that fills my belly but I long for the days of sweet potatoes and raw chicken. Will I ever get to be a dog foodie again?

-Gwyn the Cocker Spaniel

Howl Gwyn,

For starters, try not to think so much about the food you miss. Although it sounds very yummy, it is not the current food in your dish. If you keep dreaming of sweet potatoes you will be in dog foodie hell. Know that you like the good stuff but change your mindset so you can try to appreciate the food being served. We know this is difficult. If Bella had her choice she would eat salmon and risotto day and night. DiDi would eat a whole rotisserie chicken a day with a side of potato salad.

If the food is really that bad, which we have no doubt that it is (Humans who make dog food should have to do a taste test before they pass it along to us. We bet that they would change their recipes.) then we suggest you take some action.

When the dish hits the ground, instead of rushing over, just sit with your back facing it. Even if your stomach is grumbling, shun your food pebbles. Do this just long enough to make a point and then get some sustenance (skip the canned stuff altogether if you really hate it). Repeat this until your humans change your food. Trust us, they will be concerned as to why you aren’t gulping down your kibble. Maybe they will pick a kind that you like? Or maybe they will start cooking for you?!?

Take pride in the fact that you enjoy a quality meal but understand that very few of us can dine at a 5-star restaurant everyday. We hope conditions improve soon.


Bella and DiDi
















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14 thoughts on “Gwyn the Cocker Spaniel: I am foodie. Do I really have to eat this slop?

  1. Hey Bella and Didi,

    I love your advice column!! 🙂

    I’m not exactly old and wise (not even quite 2 yet) – however, I have some first hand experience in this area that I should warn you about…..

    When I was about 9 months old I tried this tactic you mention, I did it for ages, and sure enough Mum got really worried, so worried, in fact she took me to the Vet!! That was the bad part, he checked me over and said I was testing her and there was nothing wrong with me!! Doh!!

    Mum even managed to hold out on me and I had to cave in – now it’s kibble every day and I just eat it straight away…..

    A defeated pup…..

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Hi Snoopy!
      Thanks for adding this story to our post! Gwyn as Snoopy mentioned this tactic might backfire. Snoopy we’re sorry to hear your were a defeated pup 😦 This experience probably makes you really savor any scraps that fall on the floor. Talk to you soon!
      Bella and DiDi 🙂

    • Digby we think that different dogs eat different things. As long as you are healthy and your tummy is full we think it is fine. We’re not vets but nutrition can come in various forms. On another topic, how is it going with the monster in your house?
      Bella and DiDi

  2. I like your advice, Bella and Didi. I don’t even know what I ate the first 3 years of my life. That’s why I haven’t missed a meal or refused a treat since I moved in with Mom 2 years ago. I love to eat ANYTHING I can reach, beg for, or steal, and when I’m outside, I enjoy snacking on goose poop! Yum.

    • Gwyn: Howl! Rumpy you are welcome to the parts I don’t eat. However, when I get better chow (paws crossed) I am going to clean my bowl.

      P.S. Rumpy you are very handsome 🙂

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