A Human Teenager: Should I tell the truth?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am 13-years-old. Ever since I can remember, I begged my parents for a dog. Some nights I would cry before bed because I wanted a dog so badly. When we went to church, I prayed for a dog. I did school projects on dogs and my wish to own one.

A few months ago, my parents said that we were going to get a dog. I ran around the house because I was so excited. After a lot of time and research, we decided to rescue a friendly mixed breed from a local shelter. I named him Guy.

I love Guy. He is my best friend. My parents made it clear that it is my job to walk Guy before school and when I get home from school.

The past few days, I haven’t felt like walking Guy before school. It has been cold outside and I have been tired from all my activities. I get myself and Guy ready for our walk and then we hide behind the house. Guy just sits there looking at me.

I feel so guilty but I am afraid to tell my parents. What if they take Guy away? What if they send him to another house? Should I tell my parents the truth?

-A Human Teenager

Howl Human Teenager,

We’re glad that you wrote to us. For starters, it is a good sign that you feel guilty about not doing what you were supposed to do. It means that you know the difference between right and wrong. What you have done is wrong. Guy deserves better from you.

Taking care of a canine is a huge responsibility.  As our mommy says, “It is a ton of work but the joy outweighs the work.” She is a wise lady on her own but with us by her side she has become a sage.

Guy is your dog and he depends on you. Imagine if you had to be cooped up in a house all day and didn’t have a chance to stretch your legs. We bet you wouldn’t be a ball of sunshine.

We suggest that you tell your parents what you have done. Be sure to tell them that you love Guy and have felt guilty.  They probably won’t take Guy away but you most likely will be grounded. Do the crime and do the time.

More importantly, be respectful of Guy. Take him on long and exciting walks. Give him a lot of hugs. Let him know that he is loved. After all the work you did to get a dog, be happy that your wish came true.


Bella and DiDi
















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14 thoughts on “A Human Teenager: Should I tell the truth?

  1. So…. instead of walking the dog for 30 minutes or however long it is, he just hides behind the house hoping not to get caught? All that time wasted when he and the dog could be getting fitter and healthier? I feel great when I walk my dog, better in the sunnier weather but whatever the weather it’s a nice feeling, knowing we both got some fresh air and the potential chance to meet other dogs. I often choose a route based on the potential of meeting Crackers, a lovely sweet older girl Labrador. But if the weather is really wet or cold I don’t go that way because she loves to lie down and get tummy rubs and she has arthritis.

    • We agree Finn. We think that it is better to get the walk in. It feels good to get that blood pumping, socialize with other doggies and take care of business first thing in the morning. Thanks for commenting and reading!
      Bella and DiDi

  2. We mustn’t forget that it is difficult for humans sometimes. Many of them don’t like to get wet or cold. That doesn’t excuse them from their responsibilities but it does help to understand why they sometimes don’t show the usual enthuisiasm.

  3. You guys are giving good advice here! I don’t have to worry about my parents, but Zuzu (my dog) makes me feel guilty if I don’t take her for a walk….so much that rain, snow or shine I take her for walk!

  4. Bella and Didi, I’m glad you reminded Human teenager of the importance walking Guy. I know my furry friend Roxy gets very cranky when she doesn’t get walked or has the chance to stretch her legs. I hope that with your sound advice, Guy will soon be getting the exercise he needs! 🙂

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