Charlie the Boston Terrier: How do I spice up my weekends?


Dear Paws to Talk,

Lately, my weekends have been very boring. My human has been working hard and has just wanted to lay on the couch and relax. She is not neglecting me by any means. We still go on a walk a day and I have plenty of toys and kibble.  However, I am over this lazy scene. I need my weekends to get away from the grind of digging holes, fetching and taking care of my yard. What can I do to make my weekends more fun?

-Charlie the Boston Terrier

Howl Charlie,

Just because your human wants to sit on the couch and be distracted by the TV doesn’t mean you have to. Go out into the yard and start a conversation with your neighbors. Find out what is going on in their lives and on the block.

Use your athletic ability to get the car keys off the counter. Seize them. Then stand in front of your resting human and shake the keys. If she gets annoyed don’t be deterred. Keep shaking until you get a car ride. Enjoy the time away from your yard. Take in the sites. See what others are doing. A nice car ride always allows me to recharge my battery. Plus, I like the heated seats in my humans’ car. I hope you have those too.

When you are out on walk, talk to canines. Keep an eye out for that female you like. See if anyone wants to get together for a game of chase.

If you want more excitement then you have to take this situation into your own paws and make it better. A fun-filled weekend does not appear out of thin air.  Hopefully, your human will snap out of it and want to do some more activities on the weekend. If not then keep reminding her. Dangle those car keys.

Good luck.



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9 thoughts on “Charlie the Boston Terrier: How do I spice up my weekends?

  1. Hi, Didi we have been looking around your blog and reading it. You and Bella give some good advice and pointers. Hope you all are having a great weekend. Thanks for visiting our blog. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hello,
      We’re sorry we didn’t reply sooner. For some reason, you ended up in our spam folder 😦 You are safe from the spam monster now. Thanks for reading our blog! We send hugs and kisses your way.
      Bella and DiDi

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