Gina the Pug: I have a crush and I don’t know what to do.

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have a crush on a dog in my neighborhood who should remain anonymous for now. We have known each other for a few months. The best part of my day is seeing him and sharing barks. He makes my heart feel full.

All of my friends have said that I should ask him it he wants to take a walk around the neighborhood. I hesitate to ask him out because I don’t know if he likes me too.

Also, he is the president of our neighborhood dog association. Our by-laws state that we aren’t supposed date anyone in who is in office. It creates complications. I think he is supposed to be done with his service in two months.

In the meantime, what do I do with my feelings?

-Gina the Pug


Having a crush is a great thing! We’re happy you found someone who you enjoy.  If your crush or the organization he is involved with has set certain rules then you want to abide by them. If you decide to ignore them you might embarrass or upset your crush. The whole thing could backfire.

It is so difficult to like someone and not be able to tell them or show them. DiDi has a boyfriend in the next yard but it is hard for them to go on dates because he has an electrical collar that goes off when he tries to leave the area. Relationships can be so complicated.

Until your beau is unrestricted by his professional rules, try to enjoy the time you spend with him. Learn as much about him as possible. Also, don’t limit yourself to just him. Keep your eyes open for other crushes who may be in your neighborhood, at the park, or even in the next yard. While you really like your politician, there may be someone else out there who you were meant to be with.

Good luck! Let us know how things turn out.


Bella and DiDi
















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