M.J. the Human: How can I add more balance to my life?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My life is so busy. I have a husband, two kids, one dog, one cat, and a full-time job. Most days I feel like I barely get all my tasks done so that everyone’s needs are met. I usually collapse into bed at night from sheer exhaustion. Is there a way I can add more balance to my life?

-M.J. the Human

Howl M.J.,

Life can get so busy that it becomes hard to slow down. As much as you have a responsibility to make sure all of your humans and animals are properly taken care of, you also have to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself then you are no good to your family and will be less productive at your job.

As difficult as this sounds, try to take at least one hour out of the day to do something for yourself. Walk your paws, take a nap or enjoy a view with a nice treat. There are many options. Also, don’t forget to enjoy your pets. We are in our humans’ lives to provide joy and support. Sometimes all you need is a canine hug or feline cuddle to recharge your battery.

Our life is different from yours but maybe you can get an idea of balance by seeing our daily schedule. We have written it out below.

Bella and DiDi’s Daily Schedule:

6:00AM – Bella or DiDi wake the humans.

6:00-6:30AM – Do business in the yard, run around and hide toys that were left out the day before.

6:30-6:40AM – Kibble time!

6:40-7AM – Wake up any humans who may still be asleep in the house.

7-7:30AM – Collect kisses and pets on the head from our humans.

7:30-8AM – Game of catch in the yard with our mommy.

8-8:30AM – Help humans get ready for work. This usually means we approve or veto outfits for our mommy to wear that day.

8:30AM – Get the humans out the door.

8:30-10AM – Write our blog.

10AM-11AM – Go on a walk with our neighbor.

11-11:30AM -Eat any remaining kibble from breakfast.

11:30-2PM – Nap time

2PM – At least one human (usually our daddy) comes home and finishes work from our home computer.

2-4PM – DiDi lies on the human’s feet while watching afternoon talk shows. Bella sits like a statue in front of the human with a sad face trying to get them to stop working. Some barks are thrown in to make a more persuasive argument.

4-5PM – Back to the yard for more games of catch or tug of war.

5PM – Kibble time!

5-6PM – Check on our blog

6-9PM -Entertain our humans

9PM – Bella puts herself to sleep upstairs.

9-11PM – DiDi guards and patrols the yard.

11PM – DiDi is forced to go to bed by humans.

As you can see we keep a busy day but we can’t constantly serve our humans or be pursuing our writing career. We need some breaks during the day. Feel free to start following our daily routine. It is quite satisfying.

We hope you can find more balance in your life.


Bella and DiDi
















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14 thoughts on “M.J. the Human: How can I add more balance to my life?

  1. It looks like there’s just the right balance of productivity and play in your daily schedule. If only our household were as structured—at the moment, we’re living day-to-day with organized chaos! 😀

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