Bella and DiDi: The hairy details.


We have received a lot of questions about our hair since we started this blog. Everyone seems to wonder how we feel about the traditional Poodle cut (exposed behind, fur balls on the legs and tail).

While we admire our fellow Poodles who can pull this look off, it is not how we like to wear our fur. Thankfully, our humans agree and have always kept us looking sharp with “puppy cuts” or a level layer of fur covering the whole body. Although, maybe they do this just to keep the grooming bills down?

We think the Poodle form is beautiful but we are not competing at the Westminster Kennel Club so we’ll keep our puppy cuts. Just because the traditional cut is not our style doesn’t mean it is wrong. We understand how others can think it is silly to have a dog running around half-naked but many years ago Poodles started to be groomed this way so they were more aerodynamic while in the fields hunting. There is a lot of history behind this method of grooming.

We’ll keep our bottoms warm and respect our fellow Poodles who show theirs off.


Bella and DiDi
















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13 thoughts on “Bella and DiDi: The hairy details.

  1. My Shih poo Sophie Jean has a puppy cut. I can’t imagine her with long Shih Tzu hair or a poodle cut… or a combo of the two since she is. 😉

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    • Hello Pickles and family,

      We’re glad you like the art work! Unfortunately the canine who helps us with it wishes to remain anonymous at the moment. We’ll let you know if he decides to stop being so shy.

  3. I like the puppy cut also but I am glad you pointed out that the traditional cut is not for beauty but function. So many people do not know that you beautiful standard poodles were originally used for hunting, retrieving and swimming to retrieve, hence the puff balls of fur left on the hip joints to keep them insulated and warm, but you already know that 😉 I have had the pleasure of watching a poodle work in the field and the water on occasion at a hunt test.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, it is important to know that we are not these chic dogs who just sit around with crazy hair. We come from a long line of hunters. The haircut may not be the most popular but it is for function.

      We are not hunters so we can look a bit more casual. Thanks for reading!

      Bella and DiDi

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