Digby the Brussels Griffon: Why is there a monster in my house?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My name is Digby and I am a Griffon Bruxellois (otherwise known as a Brussels Griffon, after my native homeland) and I need some advice. There is a strange device at our house that the humans point at their heads after they shower and it makes a ghastly and booming sound. I don’t know how they put up with it! To make matters worse, now they’ve taken to aiming it at me after a bath (don’t they know that you need to roll in something nice and smelly after one of those?). I’ve tried barking at it and telling it to back off before I bite it, but that just causes the humans to laugh and make it go louder. One time I got my teeth into it and they went all weird and took it away from me. As if they want to protect this horrible thing!! I was just trying to chew its tail off.

How can I get rid of this monster once and for all, before it kills all of us?

-Digby the Brussels Griffon

Howl Digby,

Don’t be too afraid of this monster. My mommy has one of these and it stops being scary when you unplug it from the wall. It won’t attack you unless it is plugged in. I don’t recommend going near electrical outlets (I have heard if you get close they can make your fur look funny) but if you have a safe angle pull on its cord to unplug it.

I would be more worried about your humans than this electrical monster. The next time they point this thing at you don’t try to fight it. As much as you want to bite it, don’t. Instead shun them and their toy. Show them that you won’t be lured into being angry at this thing. I am sure they will stop this antic.

As much as we love our humans, sometimes they need us to train them. Isn’t that why we are here?

I suggest that you read a letter I answered from Tommy the Golden Retriever about why humans give us bathes and what you can do about it.

I hope you can rest easier knowing that you hold the power over your fear. Don’t let this monster rule your life.











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8 thoughts on “Digby the Brussels Griffon: Why is there a monster in my house?

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  2. Digby, never try to bite or pull electrical equipment or cords. It is very dangerous. My new kitten does that I am trying to train him to leave them alone. We have a noisy hair dryer and also a noisy vacuum cleaner. If they wake up try to go to another room and wait until they go to sleep again 🙂

    • Thank you, the vacuum cleaner is another issue entirely though. I stay far away from that one and play with my toys outside when it wakes up. The cords in our house taste horrible so I’m not going to chew on those.

      • We’re glad you avoid the vacuum cleaner. It is better to stay away from the cords especially if they taste terrible. You’re on your want to conquering this monster Digby.

  3. Thank you DiDi.

    I like to try to bite this thing because I am scared, but I will try really hard not to next time they turn it on and start giggling. This behavior will not get the attention they want!

    Will let you know how it goes.

      • Well, I am ashamed to admit that as strong as I tried to be I have failed you. I wasn’t scared and I tried really hard to focus and be strong but I barked, and then jumped up and tried to get it. I hit one of my teeth on it and I can confirm that these monsters are NOT tasty. I did get praise and treats when I kept my paws on the ground though so I think my humans are getting the message. I’m going to share this new insight with all of my doggy friends.

      • That’s okay Digby. Good job for keeping your paws on the ground while the monster was in action It is tough to resist fighting this monster when your fur is being ruffled. We hope your humans get the idea. Also, we think your will learn to outgrow this fear. Thanks for the update. Take care.

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