Laura the Yorkshire Terrier: Why is my friend ignoring me?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My feelings are hurt. I recently had a birthday and my good dog friend and neighbor who lives in the next yard did nothing.  Last year she gave me a fun plush toy and howled birthday wishes. We usually chat through the fence and go on walks together. Plus, each day I slip her an extra treat under the fence because I like to be nice.

On my birthday, she just went about her business. She didn’t even howl at me. Maybe she forgot? Why did she do that?

-Laura the Yorkshire Terrier

Howl Laura,

We have learned that actions mean more than barks. Maybe your friend is angry at something you did and that is why she chose to ignore your special day?

However, you can’t go around wearing a choke collar of guilt because someone isn’t kind and respectful. Sometimes humans and canines have their own problems which have nothing to do with you. Creatures can be rude.

Give your friend a chance to explain herself. If she is not sorry for hurting your feelings or can’t tell you what is on her mind then distance yourself a bit. Make it known that you only spend time with canines that appreciate you. See how she manages without those extra treats. She’ll probably be drooling at your fence.

Only do special things for those canines that remember to toss you a treat or the humans that give you a hug just because.

You sound like a caring canine who just needs to find the right ones to share your bones with.


Bella and DiDi
















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