A Human: Why do dogs eat poop?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am the proud owner of an adorable mutt named Pickles. Sometimes when we are out on a walk or socializing with other dogs I notice that some of Pickles’ 4-legged friends eat poop. I am thankful that Pickles doesn’t do this. Do you? Why do dogs eat poop?

-A Human

Howl Human,

Well, this question put us off our kibble. We don’t eat poop so we are not experts on why canines do it. We have seen this happen too.

We spent time asking some our friends why they do this. At first, they were perplexed as to why we were asking this. We don’t think they realized what they were doing might be odd. Maybe we need to work on our reporter skills?

We kept asking around and got some answers. One young dog who wishes to remain anonymous said that he doesn’t always feel fulfilled by his kibble so sometimes he eats poop to supplement his diet. DiDi has a week stomach and almost lost it during this conversation.

Another dog we spoke to who also wanted to remain anonymous, said that she does it because it is a part of her natural instincts. Her breed descends from wolves. She did have sharp teeth, maybe she was a wolf?

It seems like there is not a clear answer as to why dogs to this. We recommend that humans who have dogs eating poop take them to a vet just to make sure everything is ok. If the dog is healthy, maybe he or she needs more toys to distract them from this habit?

We’re glad we don’t eat poop. It sounds complicated.


Bella and DiDi
















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8 thoughts on “A Human: Why do dogs eat poop?

  1. Here’s what I know about poop eating. Frankly, I love kitty bon bons. Kitty food has LOTS AND LOTS of protein in it; as a result, so do the bon bons they leave around my yard. I love it. I also love bunny bon bons. Bunny bon bons are purely vegetarian. My Dogtor doesn’t worry about the bunny bon bons and doesn’t really worry about the kitty bon bons either. I eat plenty of my own food, but love the other stuff, too. I have no health trouble.

    Mind you, my peeps don’t like it much when I eat kitty bon bons. I do get the occasional tummy ache over it, but still do it nonetheless.

    And don’t worry, I don’t eat MY OWN POOP – that’s when you should worry!!!!

    Hope this is helpful, Aroo, Stuart

  2. Hi I just want to share something we heard from the experiences of our pet consultation.:)
    It seems that every dog that eats poops has his/her own reason.
    Some do it because they’re too hungry , while some have more complicated reasons. For example, a dog may be afraid that (s)he’d be scolded or punished for pooping inside the house so (s)he eats it to “destroy the evidence.”
    Hope it helps. 😀

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