Matty the English Bulldog: How do I cope with a new baby?


Dear Paws to Talk,

My parents recently brought home a small human and my life has changed a lot. For starters, after three years of being in the same place, my toy box was moved to another room. On top of that, this little one cries all the time. My ears hurt!

My humans spend so much time holding the little human that I am worried my cuddle time will go away.  Is this the end of the life I have made with my parents?

-Matty the English Bulldog

Howl Matty,

The little human is new to your parents too. They are adjusting to the crying.  Humans like to have non-canine families but it is not always so easy on them. Sometimes they forget certain things like canine cuddle time.  It is shameful but everyone can be overwhelmed.

Don’t let your parents forget you are there. Maybe nudge them a couple of times a day if you think they are ignoring you? That usually works for us. Or a low growl can be effective. If you want cuddle time then jump on the bed or couch and make a sad face (Be careful though because this could backfire on you).

Also believe it or not, babies can be good for us because they drop a lot of food on the floor. You’ll eat like a king when it is the baby’s meal time. Spaghetti, turkey, and even cake will likely be nice snacks that land in front of your snout.

When the baby gets older, you can teach it to throw the ball and play tug of war. If you play your cards right you will end up being the little human’s favorite family member.

You and your humans will get used to the new family member. You won’t be forgotten. If you feel left out then hide for at least an hour. They will be so panicked about not knowing where you are that the reunion will be sweet (Be careful because this could backfire too).


Bella and DiDi
















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4 thoughts on “Matty the English Bulldog: How do I cope with a new baby?

  1. Very little people do take some getting used to but do grow up to be great friends. I would suggest avoiding any type of growl because tall people are very protective of very little people and might think it is a threat.

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