Trudy the Airedale Terrier: Should I listen to my older sibling?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have an older canine sibling. She is my best friend but is always telling me what to do. She tells me when to eat, how to greet the humans and how to act around the little humans. Next, I am expecting her to tell me when to do my business outside. What do I do with this bossy sister?

-Trudy the Airedale Terrier

Howl Trudy,

You couldn’t have written to a better dog for this advice. Bella can be very bossy. It started when I was a pup. I was sitting in the yard next to my big sister admiring how well she was digging a hole. The next thing I know she is pushing me with her nose into the hole. I cried no but she didn’t stop. Thankfully, the hole she dug was too shallow and I survived.

As I got older, she told me to greet the humans with a toy in my mouth and a low bark. Also, she would make me wait until she was done eating before I could dig into my bowl. I can still feel the drool dripping down my face waiting for my kibble.

You can only take so much bossiness. One day when I was older, I had a barkdown in the yard. I barked and cried and told her to stop. I said I want to be my own dog. She just walked away quietly with her snout in the air.

I decided then that I would just be myself and if Bella disapproved I would deal with it.

So when the food dishes are put down I don’t wait anymore. I chow down. Bella is usually too hungry to correct me. Now when the humans come home, I stand on my hind legs and hug them with my front paws. That is my style.

Bella is my older sister and she still tells me what to do from time to time but she is not the bossy girl she used to be. It is good for her and me.

Be your own dog. There is no other way after all.



P.S.- Bella: Whatever!









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8 thoughts on “Trudy the Airedale Terrier: Should I listen to my older sibling?

  1. Great advice, DiDi and Bella 🙂 As the oldest brother around here, Harley is always telling the other pups what to do, despite the fact they outweigh him by at least 20 lbs. each! Sometimes they stand up to him but he still thinks he’s the boss- hehe!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Deanna and the Crew

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