Kiwi the Spaniel: What are my humans doing?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have a question about something my humans do every night before we eat kibble. They hold paws, close their eyes and talk a little. It lasts usually as long as it takes me to get a drink of water. What is this? Why do humans do this?

-Kiwi the Spaniel

Howl Kiwi,

DiDi passed this letter over to me saying it was out of her range so I will try to answer. My humans don’t do this at dinner. However, I have seen my mommy sit with her paws together and talking softly near her bed. She does this often and seems very serious when doing it.

From what I hear and see from ASPCA commercials on TV, life can be very difficult for animals and humans. I think what your humans are doing is a way for them to express what they are thankful for in their lives.

As canines, we love a lot of things in our lives like kibble, playtime and treats. Humans must feel this way about things in their lives too. Maybe not everyone puts their paws together to show it?

Next time instead of drinking water, observe and be grateful that you have kibble and water… oh and your humans.

It is a good thing I read all the book titles on my humans’ shelf when I am bored during the day or this one might have stumped me too.



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