Tommy the Golden Retriever: Why do I have to take a bath?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I love rolling in the grass and leaves. I do it everyday so that I can smell like a real dog. I also love putting my face in mud. I don’t feel like I’ve lived unless I have soaked up all that my yard has to offer.

Each month, one of my humans takes me for a bath at a fancy place. They put lavender shampoo on my fur while I am in the bath tub and then they blow dry my coat. Sometimes, they even put colorful bows around my ears. I hate this! Don’t they realize how long I have worked to smell like the yard and how that makes me happy?

Why do I have to take a bath and smell like lavender?

-Tommy the Golden Retriever

Howl Tommy,

I am sorry that you have to smell like lavender. I go through a similar thing with my toys. I spend days rolling my toys in dirt and getting them to smell just how I like them to smell. Then my mommy puts them in the spinning machine that cleans everything. When they land back in my toy box that taste terrible.

Humans like clean dogs and toys. They don’t realize that the scents in the yard are important.

I say keep doing your thing in the yard. If you love smelling like an outdoors dog than smell like an outdoors dog. Dive into the mud. Roll in the leaves. Maybe eventually your humans will stop making you smell like lavender and wear bows? Maybe they will just give you a simple bath for hygiene? If not then just endure the primping and then go back to your yard work.

That is what I do with my toys. I steal my favorites out of the spinning machine and run for the yard to make them smell good again.

You have to be yourself and not some perfectly groomed dog that the humans want you to be.











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11 thoughts on “Tommy the Golden Retriever: Why do I have to take a bath?

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  2. DiDi, make sure Tommy knows that immediately if not sooner after one of those lavender baths he needs to roll around in the mud and stuff – and manage to lose the bows.

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