Hilda the Miniature Schnauzer: Should I trust my instincts?

Dear Paws to Talk,

Recently, a stranger came into my house to sell my humans something. From, the moment he walked in the door I had a bad feeling about this human. He didn’t acknowledge me even though I was doing my typical hello bark. It seemed like he was there to sell my humans cheap toys. I didn’t like him being in my home so I did something out of character.  As he was getting ready to leave, I nipped his behind to let him know how I felt.

My humans were appalled and scolded me. As punishment, I was forced to sleep on the cold floor for a couple of nights. Maybe I shouldn’t have nipped? Could my instincts have been wrong?

-Hilda the Miniature Schnauzer

Howl Hilda,

I am sure your instincts were not wrong. If you went around nipping everyone I would say you need better chew toys. Humans don’t give us credit for this but we can sense things that they can’t. This is especially true when it comes to other humans behavior. They worry too much about being liked by others so they often miss important signs about someone’s lack of character.

I have a story like yours.  A member of our humans’ extended family married a bad lady.  She came to our house once a couple of years ago. DiDi and I gave her a chance but we didn’t like her. We sensed that she was very mean.

When she went to enter our living room, I nipped her very lightly on the behind to let her know she was not appreciated.  Everyone got angry at me and I spent a couple of hours locked up in my humans’ bedroom (They thought it was punishment but I just took a nice nap on their freshly made bed).

As it turns out, this lady was nasty.  She hated dogs, yelled a lot and insulted our humans while walking around like she was Best-in-Show at the Westminster Kennel Club.

It took years for the humans to notice this. Had they seen what I was trying to show them years earlier maybe they would have saved themselves some disappointment.

Now my humans laugh at the “nip” and remark how smart I was to put this woman in her place. Always trust your instincts even when others doubt you.



***Please note that we do not condone nipping or biting. We don’t think it is the way to solve a problem. We are animals and sometimes nips happen when we are trying to take care of our humans or fellow animals.***









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9 thoughts on “Hilda the Miniature Schnauzer: Should I trust my instincts?

  1. Our primary role is to protect and we do have good instincts but we can’t go nipping everyone we don’t like. There are other ways that we can display our disapproval – I find that a growl is very effective.

  2. You never know. He might have been scared of you, and not able to tell your bark from an unfriendly bark. I myself have never barked at a person, OR bitten.

    I have, however, made my dislike of one particular person very clear. She hurt me so bad she made me cry, and then tried to brush it off. I showed her. I peed on her leg!

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