Pete the Pit Bull: I can’t sleep. Help!

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have a big problem. My human snores like a large dog that had too much kibble at dinner. He recently adopted me and treats me very well.  I am thankful for my new home but I can’t sleep at night.

We live in an apartment so sleeping in the kitchen, bathroom or living room isn’t enough of a sound barrier. How am I supposed to sleep?  Help now! The fur under my eyes is turning black!

-Pete the Pit Bull

Howl Pete,

We are so glad that you are in a good home even if your human snores like a freight train. Humans tend to have this problem. We don’t know why? This is another reason for us to follow through on medical school as other dogs have urged us to do.

You need sleep. We suggest trying to sleep on top of your human. Your bodyweight on his chest might get him to shift positions, which may stop the snoring. Also, this is a good option to get some extra loving.

If that doesn’t work then we suggest you sleep in the living room with the TV on.  The TV noise will drown out the snoring. You must be thinking how am I going to turn the TV on?

Pay close attention. Look in the living room for a black little gadget humans use to turn the TV on and off. They often leave it on the couch or low table in the room. Once you have found it; jump on it with your two front paws. This should turn the TV on.

We hope you get some sleep. If not you may have to adjust to being awake at night.  Sometimes, we have to sacrifice for the good things in our life. Just in case, learn how to perfect your night howl.


Bella and DiDi


















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