Finn the Wirehaired Fox Terrier: Do I need a friend?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My human was wondering if I might like a friend. However, she thinks the thing we have now is very special and wonders if bringing another dog in is a bad idea. What if I feel left out and the other dog gets more attention? What if the other dog is not as well-behaved as me or has problems?
I think my human would love to help out a dog in need of a forever home but I was here first.  After 2 years here, I’m settled in. Do I need a friend?

-Finn the Wirehaired Fox Terrier

Howl Finn,

Thanks for writing to us. We think that you should have another canine friend in your house. We love being sisters because we are a team. We are there for each other everyday. It is a nice relationship to have.

It wasn’t so easy at first. We constantly fought over toys, pushed each other over when kibble was put in the bowl and even showed our teeth to one another.

One day, we realized that we both liked to catch rays in the yard and take naps on the couch. We slowly started to bond. It turned out, both of us had been lonely. Bella was the only dog in the house for two years after the death of her older brother. DiDi was sad when she left her litter and spent a lot of time whimpering. We became friends and sharing time together helped us heal our hearts.

We still argue but our lives are much happier now because we have each other.

Even though you have been the top dog in your home for over two years, we think you will feel joy having another dog in the house. The relationship you built with your mommy won’t be forgotten. The fact that she is taking the time to think about this decision means she loves you a lot.

Expect that it will take some time to adjust to your new canine friend. However, who knows maybe you two will hit it off on your first meeting and have a good jog around the yard to celebrate.

Don’t let the fear consume you and your human. If things don’t work out then you will figure it out. We are always here to help.


Bella and DiDi
















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4 thoughts on “Finn the Wirehaired Fox Terrier: Do I need a friend?

    • Thanks for reading Bassas. We agree that everyone should have a friend. We are lucky to have each other. We hope you and Barnaby become great friends. Our breakfast kibble was just served so we have to run.
      Bella and DiDi

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