Mack the Dalmatian: Why don’t humans play more?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I love to play. I love to catch the ball, play tug of war and be chased around the yard. The problem is my human will stop playing after what seems to be a couple of minutes. Why don’t humans like to play more?

-Mack the Dalmatian

Howl Mack,

Let me start off by saying that you are my kind of dog. I love to play too. I could play ball, tug of war and chase all day.  So fun!

Humans should play more but they have some kind of job which takes them away from us.  My mommy sits most of the day pounding her paws on some square-looking thing.  She usually stops playing with me and goes right to pounding her paws.

Maybe your human does the same thing?

Mack, I think you and I have the right idea, which is more play. My older sister has told me that life doesn’t last forever. Why not spend all day playing?

Keep bringing the ball or rope to your human once they end play. If they tell you playtime is over don’t listen. Try again. I hope they get the message that play is just as important as pounding paws.











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