John the Human: Should I get a dog?

 Dear Paws to Talk,

Since I was a little boy, I have wanted to get a dog. I am now at a point in my life where I can actually do it but I hesitate. I am a single guy and will be the only one the dog can depend on. What if something happens and the vet bills become too much? What if the dog I pick doesn’t like me?

Should I still get a dog even though I am scared?

-John the Human

Howl John,

Thanks for writing to us about this most important topic. We are not just pets but we are family members. We demand time, love, food, treats, exercise and praise just like any human would need.  Just picture us as people with wet noses.

Many of us dogs can’t speak for ourselves so we rely on humans for our care. Every dog, can’t express themselves in a blog like we do.

Think hard. Think so hard that your eyes close. Now ask yourself if you really want a dog and all the responsibilities that go with it? If your dog ate some bad kibble, would you wake up from deep sleep in the middle of the night and be there to take care of it? Will you be there to take the dog for a walk? We’re not just part of the furniture. Are you going to buy the dog gifts on his or her birthday? Will you make the dog feel special? Will you be there no matter what?

If your gut is telling you yes then go get your dog. If what we described sounds like a pain in the behind then you are not canine material. That is okay. Maybe a feline is more you’re speed?

If you are a canine person then know that your worries are normal. We have heard that keeping a canine (you don’t really own us) is hard work. However, all of the work will be worth it because you will create an unshakable bond with the dog. Your joy will outweigh your fear.


Bella and DiDi
















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5 thoughts on “John the Human: Should I get a dog?

  1. Tell John that the right dog will take care of him. The dog will take him on walks so he gets lots of exercise and fresh air, and he won’t need to sweep his kitchen floor. The dog will clean it up for him.

  2. OH! What a great post you two! Terrific answer to this most important question! Well done.

    You know, I often wonder how much longer I can afford to keep my peeps. What with the economy being what it is. But, They do give me pleasure. And pats. And treats. And a warm, clean, snuggly bed to sleep in. And walkies. And healthcare.

    I think I’ll keep Them after all. Even if I have to get a real job.

    Arooooo! Stuart

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