Willy the St. Bernard: I don’t like my new exercise regimen.

Dear Paws to Talk,

In the past couple of weeks, my humans have started taking me on a walk everyday. Usually, they let me play at my leisure in the yard. I do jog to the water dish three times a day to burn some calories but I don’t like the walks. They last for a long time and I hate being on a leash.

When I feel it is almost walk time, I take the leash from the back door and hide it behind a plant.  However, they always seem to have a back-up leash and we end up going on a walk anyways. What can I do to get out of these walks?

 -Willy the St. Bernard

Howl Willy,

I took this letter away from Bella because she would just brag about how much she loves long walks. You’ll thank me for this.

My humans started taking me on regular walks when I became an adult. I hated it! I wanted to be in my yard so I could leap onto the stone wall and patrol. I would have much rather dug a hole in my humans’ garden than take a walk. You can break a good sweat doing that. I need a good sweat because I like to eat a lot of kibble and steal butter from the kitchen counter.

They kept taking me on walks. I pulled as hard as I could on the leash hoping to break free. After pulling with all my might, by the end of a walk I was ready to submerge my head in the water dish.

With many grueling walks and head dunks in the water behind me, I learned to stop fighting the walk. Instead, I learned to enjoy going on walks. When you are on a walk you get to see your neighbors(You know the ones you bark at during the day to say hello).

You’ll be surprised, walks make you a better canine. The regular exercise makes you feel better about yourself. Someone told me the more you walk the more kibble you can eat. That motivates me!

Also, if my humans hadn’t insisted on walking me everyday I would be a wild stallion causing trouble everywhere. The walks taught me to be a disciplined adult. I now stay in line when I walk instead of trying to break free from my leash.

Plus, I like the treats I earn at the end and nap so much better after a brisk walk.

While I love nothing more than digging a hole in the garden, I now love my walks too. When a human grabs their sneakers, I jump up and down knowing we are going for a walk.

It took me a while but now I have fun on my walks. I think if you could give your walks a chance and stop fighting them you might have fun too. If not then see if your humans will get you a MP3 player so you can listen to your favorite tunes while you walk.



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