Clark the Husky: I hate my job. What do I do?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a 2-year-old Husky from Alaska. Ever since I was a pup, my humans have been preparing me to pull their sled in competitive races. My fellow pack members do it everyday and now I have to join them.

I don’t like pulling the sled because my legs and back get tired. I would rather push the snow around with my nose.  However, I am expected to run as fast as I can everyday.

On the side, I do good work in the house playing with the little humans but I am expected to follow in the paw prints of my pack.

 I hate my job. What do I do?

-Clark the Husky

Howl Clark,

I feel bad that you have to live in such a frigid climate. I hope you have a good parka jacket.

Humans and other species often think because you were born a certain breed that you should do certain things. For instance, my humans think that because I’m a poodle I’m meant to sit around and look pretty all day. Have you seen my image? Can you really blame them for assuming this? I digress. I remind them that I’m more than a pretty face and that I can run like a thoroughbred horse.

Anyways, back to you. I feel that life is too short to do something you don’t like. Just because you are a Husky, doesn’t mean you have to pull a sled. However, you shouldn’t just push snow around with your nose all day. While most of us want to nap on our human’s bed all day, we can’t. We have to contribute something or else why are we here?

Maybe you are meant to entertain the small humans in your family? That is an important job. Just beware that they will pull on your fur.

Given that you live in a freezing place, why don’t you bring firewood into the house?

If you hate that sled I would avoid it. When they try to attach you to the sled, go on strike. This is an effective technique I have used when tired from a long walk. Just sit down. When they try to pick you up, roll on your side and go limp.

The humans should get the message. You have to be happy or else what is the point. Good luck Clark.



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